The health and safety of AMPL’s Customers & Associates is our top priority.


  1. Business experience of over 70 years
  2. Delighting customers for more than 7 decades.
  3. Our systems are simple, transparent and seamless with in-built tracking and control mechanisms.
  4. Delegation and empowerment to the employees is a part of our culture thus ensuring all round efficiency.
  5. We adopt the best HR practices in the industry, to hire and retain manpower at its optimum level.

Human Capital :

We are led by 250+ senior industry professionals with over 25 years experience with strong academic qualifications and proven business acumen. With over 11,000 strong technical, managerial and support staff, we also enjoy a retention rate that is the highest among dealerships, at more than 85%.

Reputation :

  1. We are acclaimed for our principled and ethical business practices.
  2. Enjoy the goodwill of our entire clientele, the principals we represent, the dealership fraternity & government circles.
  3. We have provided total customer satisfaction through value added services resulting in excellent relationships up to the third generation.